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We'll help you and your loved ones focus on the positive side of life despite these troubling and uncertain times.

senior in a wheelchair and caregiver smilingWhen a treatment is no longer an option for your loved ones’ condition, IDE Health Services, Inc. provides hospice care to the patients. Hospice focuses on providing maximum comfort and pain management to patients who have received a prognosis of 6 months or less from doctors. As long as your loved ones qualify for hospice, we render our services for as long as necessary.

Comfort and care from our multidisciplinary team
We provide comfort care to hospice patients. The members of our multidisciplinary team each has his or her own role to play in ensuring that your loved ones experience optimal comfort and their pain managed. Our team includes primary doctors, certified nursing aides, social workers, chaplains, grief counselors, and more. We even work with family members who may also happen to be primary caregivers.

Family members as primary caregivers
If you are involved in your family members’ care in any sort of way, you are already considered as a primary caregiver. Our staff will guide and teach you on everything that you need to know to provide proper care for your loved ones. These include the different essential tasks that you will be assisting your loved ones with on a daily basis.

Paying for hospice care
Engaging hospice care services is covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and most private insurance providers. Some of the costs they cover include:

  • necessary medical supplies and equipment
  • pain medications
  • essential medical care
  • provision of emotional, spiritual, and volunteer support that you, your loved ones, and your entire family might need

Knowing the kind of care your loved ones want
You should know how your loved ones want to live their lives. This way, you won’t be burdened with making such a decision for them. Aside from that, your loved ones can truly live a fulfilling life the way they want to, not what you want nor what the doctor wants.

Our staff can help you and your loved ones in this process. From starting end-of-life conversations to creating Advanced Directives, our staff will guide you all the way.

If further care is needed by your loved ones, we also provide Respite Care, Continuous Nursing Care, In-patient Care, and Routine Home Care. For more inquiries, please contact 240-305-2866.